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Free coloring page

Coloring isn’t just for kids. Coloring is therapeutic for all ages and can help generate the same benefits in the brain as meditation. Check out this free printable coloring page from artist Sunshine Purcell, author of Color Your Soul Whole, a coloring journal that offers space to release the emotions swirling in your heart and 76 beautiful illustrations to color your way through sorrow. Poems by The Poet Girl and illustrations by Andre, two alters of Denise Purcell who lives with 17 personalities.

Color Your Soul Whole

Free classes

Free class by Dr. Gloria and Dr. Heidi Horsley, a mother/daughter team and international psychology experts on grief and loss. Learn about the most current research on hope after loss, and hear inspirational stories from Open to Hope cable television and radio show guests, and personal experiences that support the research and show that despite profound loss, people can and do find hope and happiness again


How to hold the sacred space for someone you love who lost someone they love, Lynda Cheldelin Fell shares what to say and do, caregiving pitfalls to avoid, the power of loving actions, tools to survive the turbulence, and what to expect along the way. Because your loved one’s future is in your hands.


In this free class, Chelsea Hanson shows you how to remember beloved people using joyful  ways to carry their love, spirit and memory in daily life in this unique how-to workshop. Filled with a rich treasury of ideas and projects to inspire you to creatively include your loved ones in daily life, this workshop also provides grief healing. You will be empowered to know you have the right to share memories, treasure stories, and carry on the legacy and rich heritage of your beloved.


Free class by Christine Duminiak, national expert on afterlife contacts. Christine’s research and experiences show there is a powerful link between receiving an afterlife contact and feeling at peace with a loved one’s passing. Christine teaches you how to recognize an afterlife sign, claim your own signs, and learn how to receive a comforting ADC or a dream visit.


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