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Through the Eyes of a Widow

Published Date: March 21, 2019

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9 x 6 x 1 inches



Widows in today’s world find little support to recover and adapt to a life they didn’t plan. Friends, family, and others have little idea about how to help, leaving them in a vulnerable spot when they need support most. What can widows do? Where do they turn for help? How do they face the future and rebuild their lives? Through the Eyes of a Widow is a collection of stories by widows across the globe. Each shares her own personal insight into the hidden and often unspoken challenges of losing a husband, including the emotional, mental and social shifts she’s forced to reckon with in the aftermath. With poignant narration, each shares the truths of her loss, and the hope she finds along the way.

Author Information

Lynda Cheldelin Fell is an educator, speaker, international bestselling author of over 30 books, creator of the award-winning Grief Diaries, and co-founder of the International Grief Institute. Visit www.LyndaFell.com.

Mary Lee Robinson is an author, certified grief coach, and award-winning blogger of Widowlution who offers boundless strategies for reinventing life in widowhood. Learn more at www.widowlution.com.

Maryann Mueller is an aspiring author in Houston, on a path to find her voice since losing her husband in 2014.