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Heaven Talks To Children: Afterlife Contacts, Spiritual Gifts, and Loving Messages

Published Date: November 18, 2016

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9 x 6 inches


“Mommy, Daddy showed me his house in Heaven!” Children have a natural gift to see and hear spirits. In this unique and fascinating book, afterlife contacts and signs expert Christine Duminiak has compiled over 100 true stories of afterlife visits to children. These visitations have brought their families enormous comfort after the death of a loved one. Their testimonials will help professionals and parents understand this common supernatural occurrence, and answer many questions, e.g. Is it okay to talk to grandma’s spirit? What does it mean to die? What are God and Heaven like? Does the Bible permit spirit communication? Why do bad things happen to good people? What is the purpose of my life? How can I stop that scary monster in my room? How can I be safe around spirits? “Invaluable . . . This book provides a great service for parents and the paranormal community to help children whose gifts are misunderstood.” –REV. ROBERT BAILEY, Roman Catholic priest and co-founder of the Paranormal Warriors of St. Michael

Author Information

Christine Duminiak is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and the author of “After-Death Communications: God’s Gift of Love”, “Grandpa Visits From Heaven”, “Grammy Visits From Heaven”, “Heaven Talks To Children” and co-author of Grief Diaries: Hello From Heaven.” Co-host of the Ask The Angels Show with Sunni Welles. Duminiak is a member of the National Alliance for Grieving Children.


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