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Largest collection of stories about finding hope after loss in the world.

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Do you believe in NDE?

Near-death experiences. Do you believe they happen? If so, what is it really like on the other side? Meet Patty Furino, a reverend who had a near death experience that changed her perspective on life—and death.

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About Grief Diaries

Believing in the power of stories to heal, Lynda Cheldelin Fell created Grief Diaries in 2014 as a radio show featuring guests who had turned pain into purpose after loss. She expanded the brand into live filming, the National Grief & Hope Convention featuring Martin Luther King's daughter, and the award-winning Grief Diaries book series, winning 4 national literary awards along the way.

To date, over 700 writers from 11 countries have participated in the series. The brand's accumulation of stories from blog submissions, interviews, and the award-winning book series has created the largest collection of grief experiences in the world. Join us.

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